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About Us

Wings of Inspiration is a Christian based NPC in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was inspired by a family who had lived hard times, identified the need to help others and aspire to become part of the solution.We would not be able to move forward without your kindness and generosity of the caring general public and business owner's such as yourself. We hope and trust you will find us a worthy cause to assist. We rely on donations of any form and sort to continue to be a blessing to others as others have been a blessing to us in the past. Remember that your gift helps others in need.


Wings of Inspiration care centre helps under-privileged children, orphans and families. We are in URGENT need of financial assistance or donations of old your old clothes, furniture, household goods, bedding, kitchenware, baby stuff, toys, food or anything that can benefit and help those that are less fortunate than us.

BBBEE compliant

Our registration with SARS is a PBO (Public Beneficiary Organization) under section 18a-income tax act of 1962 for tax exemption. We are BBBEE compliant through our registration with ANM Accountants. All our decisions are committee based, we run an open and accountable set of books through registered auditors and accounting officers.


Our organisation is split into four groups…

Wings of Inspiration Play Group

Dorah’s Ark Orphanage

Old Age Home

Wings of Inspiration Soup Kitchen


A collection of our latest Outreaches and Projects.

Donating Simple as 1,2,3

We have three avialabe methods, how you can donate and show your support.


  • Wings of Inspiration Care Centre
  • FNB Cheque Account 62637325904
  • Randpark Ridge 250 655


Drop Off
  • Of food, clothing, bedding,baby clothes, cots,
  • toiletries, appliances, furniture
  • nappies, formula, baby food, toys.


Using Button
  • Use button below
  • to make a donation using PayPal.
  • Direct from our Website.

Our Sponsors

We want to give thanks to evryone who Supports us.


We are divided into Four Groups.

Wings Inspiration Play group

Wings of Inspiration play group helps and assists under-privileged children at our location in Mpumalanga. The aim of the play group is to assist these kids by facilitating educational programs in doing so building and prepping them from when they go off to school. We assist by getting donations in the form of school supplies, clothing, books and food to mention a few.
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Dorhas Ark Orphanage

Dorah is an angel in her own right. She has dedicated her life to help orphaned children in the Roodepoort and surrounding area. Dorah’s Ark is located in the old Roodepoort library. At any given time, she takes care of around 40 children ranging from new born to teens. Again, this organization is run on firstly prayer and then the generosity of the community.
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Wings Soup Kitchen

In service to a very needy community, the Wings of Inspiration team serve hot nutritious soup to the homeless and destitute in the Krugersdorp area currently every Wednesday night.
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Old Age Home

This part of the Wings of Inspiration Care Centre helps and assist women who has lost their husbands. More and more woman become destitute after the passing of their husbands which most of the time was the sole bread winner. We help and assist these back on their feet by helping them to get work to care and provide for their kids.
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News and Media

Latest news and developments.

Contact us

35 Karee Street, Helderkruin, Roodepoort

Phone: (071 829 1293/011 764 1323)

NPC: 2016/387683/08