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In January 2023, Wings Sober House officially merged with the Receovery Centre. We now provide a 3-IN-1 solution of Detox, Recovery and Sober Living.

When suffering from substance abuse, you feel isolated from society, misunderstood, and lonely.

Our Detox, Recovery and Sober Living Centre, with a strong disciplined routine, teaches you to have self-respect, order, healthy choices for your recovery and how to cope with the daily battles of addiction. It empowers you and stimulates you to take responsibility in daily life. It teaches you to live together and respect the privacy of your peers.

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From devotional morning sessions and daily responsibilities such as:

* Self-Respect. (hygiene must be maintained at all times)
 * Respect for the place you live in. (each resident will have duties to perform each day)
* Respect for other people. (learn the correct way to respond not react to the people around you)
* Rebuild broken relationships with loved ones.
* Get a dog to take care of and bond with during rehabilitation process.

We don’t rely on scripted methods of recovery. At Wings of Inspiration Detox, Recovery and Sober Living Centre we believe in teaching, guiding, and leading by example, in all honesty. We try to show you that getting clean and living drug-free is not only achievable; it can be done happily. Call us today, may it be for you or a loved one – We are here to assist Every manager / staff member you encounter at Wings of Inspiration Recover Centre has a history of addiction. They understand the severity and intensity of your problems because they have lived them first-hand.

This enables them to offer a whole new perspective on rehabilitation and the efforts it requires.

who we are

Into our 5th year of working with a small community and a committed professional team has led to a powerful ministry.

You are at the centre of your recovery. You are assisted and guided to what you need most and what helps you best. There is no magic recipe for overcoming addiction, you’re at the helm.

Our councelling team tailor their approach to your specific needs. As we’ve said before, you’re never on your own. Your family and loved ones are always in the loop and follow the process closely.

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Why you can’t go wrong… We offer courses that will help you understand the effects that dugs have had on your thinking patterns and teach you how to cope with the daily thought patterns that take place. At Wings of Inspiration Recovery Centre, you will learn how to become a responsible, reliable and self-respecting human being.

You can begin the process of rehabilitation in a supportive and recovery-oriented environment.

Wings of Inspiration Recovery Centre offers a safe and supportive environment in which clients in substance / alcohol dependence and behavioural addictions can begin the transition back into society and everyday life. Upon successful completion of our 6-month rehabilitation programme you will qualify to move into our 2nd stage facility to continue the process of re-integration.


Wings Recovery Program

The program is designed to encourage and guide residents to find a productive, healthy and balanced lifestyle, something that often eludes a recovering person. Life skills and interpersonal relationship development form an important part of the process.

The program expects full participation & includes:
* Devotions personal hygiene
 * Daily duties

*  Looking after the dogs
* Work stations
* Sport activities

CrossFit Course

Practical biblical application

Facing Addiction Course

Facing Addiction is the first book to apply Dr. Patrick Carnes' research-based thirty-task model to treating addiction to alcohol and drugs.
People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol now have access to the ground-breaking model that has facilitated thousands of addicts in achieving long-lasting recovery.This revolutionary model helps therapists and recovering people understand the interaction between trauma and brain science and how these factors play a role in the development of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Truth About Drugs Course

Through this interactive course you’ll learn the reason why people take drugs in the first place. You’ll also discover basic facts about the most commonly abused drugs. And you’ll hear it from those who lived through the addiction to tell their story. Educate yourself. Get the truth about drugs.

Once you have finished your 6 months OR 12 months programme with us - we have a sober house you can move to for the second stage of your recovery .


We have recently started on Out-patient programme. Contact us for further information


Addiction affects every area of a person’s life, which is why alcoholics and addicts need to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle after the initial detox and primary care process has been completed.

Wings Sober House offers people a chance to establish and build a new lifestyle combined with self-awareness and a deeper sense of responsibility. The program provides guidance on establishing a lifestyle, which is conducive to a sustained and successful recovery. It facilitates greater education; goal setting and lifestyle change in each client.

Each house member is equipped with the tools to cope with the challenges of real life without resorting to their addictions. Relapse prevention forms a key element of the treatment program. Here we help clients identify and prepare for risk situations that could threaten their recovery.

Emphasis is placed on building the self-confidence and self-worth that is required to lead a healthy and independent life. The treatment style is less intensive than in primary care, allowing clients to start interacting with their communities as they gradually transition from institutional living to everyday life.

Clients are also encouraged to actively work on relationships and to further engage in a culture of recovery and form a long-lasting support structure. This gradual reintegration into a better way of living means that the individuals who undergo secondary & tertiary treatment are better able to deal with the hardships that will inevitably come up when they return to their lives without turning to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism.

We strongly encourage our clients to participate in several sport and social activities.

Once you have finished your 6 months OR 12 months programme with us - we have a sober house you can move to for the second stage of your recovery .