men's sober house


about our men's sober house

To us, recovery means realizing what it means to be alive, present, productive and happy. Few of us believed that this would ever be possible. Having discovered a new way of life, we work daily to share it with others and helping people find freedom is our primary purpose.

We don’t rely on scripted methods of recovery. At Wings Sober House we believe in teaching, guiding, and learning by example, in all honesty. We try to show you that getting clean and living drug-free and alcohol-free is not only achievable, but that it can be done happily.

Call us today, may it be for you or a loved one – We are here to assist! Every councilor or fellow brother or sister you encounter at a Wings Men's Sober House has a history of addiction. They understand the severity and intensity of your problems because they have lived them first-hand.

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