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about wings of inspiration

Wings of Inspiration is a Christian based Non-Profit Company in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa. It was inspired by a family who had lived hard times, identified the need to help others and aspire to become part of the solution.

We would not be able to move forward without your kindness and generosity of the caring general public and business owner's such as yourself. We hope and trust you will find us a worthy cause to assist. We rely on donations of any form and sort to continue to be a blessing to others as others have been a blessing to us in the past. Remember that your gift helps others in need.

Wings of Inspiration is a registered Non-Profit Company, SARS Compliant and BBBEE Level 1.

What started as a dream following a family discussion in June 2016 between Kirsten Richardson and Anthea Da Costa whereby these twin angels came into an inheritance payout and looking back at their lives of struggle and challenges they were faced with the opportunity to leave their corporate hand to mouth lives and dedicate themselves to a long awaited vison and dream they had on their hearts ever since they dedicated their lives to a spiritual life in 2014. A life dedicated to helping others and being of service towards the communities and people in need. Their initial dream and idea was from a place of challenging life experience whereby they wanted to open up a woman’s shelter for destitute and widowed woman and children in need.

And so they agreed to leave it all behind and place their faith in God that their dream and vison to help others would come to life – so the first steps of action was to get appropriately registered and to find a property in order to house and facilitate the woman’s shelter from.

As life would have it, Rome was not built in a day and there was much legal work to be adhered to but this did not deter the twins and they started by doing selfless community service at Dorah’s Ark Orphanage, as the weeks went by in September 2016 they went into a joint venture with Dorah’s Ark to assist run and aid with funding and support for the children.

By October 2016 it seemed the twins had everything ready and in place and upon Kirsten spending a day at SARS handing in and finalizing the NPO registrations, she was approached by a woman out of the blue and was told that God had told her that Wings of Inspiration must assist her with her playschool in Mpumalanga.

To find out more about Wings of Inspiration, and the organisations that we are involved with, please go to the different pages, you will find them under the Our Organisations tab on the menu bar.

Albeit only 3 years since conception Wings of Inspiration has many success stories and achievements that have been reached. We have also facilitated many mini projects in between such as:

  • Covid-19 Emergency Food Response - helping those in need that don't have food due to the National State of Disaster.
  • School Stationary & Uniform Drives (Events and Donations) – December/January 2016 - Current
  • Christmas Drives (Events and Donations) – December 2016 – Current
  • Food Donation Drives (support to the orphanage, playschool, community and homeless)
  • Soup Kitchen Drives (Volunteer Work & Food Donations)
  • Easter Drives (Events and Donations) – April 2017 –  Current
  • Adhoc Community Outreach Support – Single Mothers / Fathers
  • Winter Donation Drives (Blankets, Beanies & Toiletries) May/June/July 2016 - 2019

The Wings Of Inspiration Sober Home continues to be the heart of the institution where the head office is based – now housing 12 recovering addicts and many success stories that have come through the sober home living and support structure have re integrated as productive contributing members of society – families have been reunited. The members are also involved in many of the Wings Projects as community service volunteers.

Anthea Da Costa and Kirsten Richardson were nominated and won SA Hero Awards for their dedicated and continuous community work thanks to continuous and trusted support from organizations such as yourselves.

Wings of Inspiration Care Centre helps under-privileged children, orphans and families. We are in URGENT need of financial assistance or donations of your old/unwanted clothes, furniture, household goods, bedding, kitchenware, baby stuff, toys, food or anything that can benefit and help those that are less fortunate than ourselves. We rely on donations of any form and sort to continue to be a blessing to others as others have been a blessing to us in the past. Remember that your gift helps others in need.

We would not be able to move forward without the kindness and generosity of the caring general public and business owners such as yourself.

Our registration with SARS is a PBO (Public Beneficiary Organization) under section 18a-income tax act of 1962 for tax exemption. We are BBBEE compliant through our registration with ANM Accountants. All our decisions are committee based, we run an open & accountable set of books through registered auditors & accounting officers.

We hope and trust you will find us as a worthy cause to assist. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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da costa

Director & Biblical Counsellor
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Kirsten richardson

Director & Biblical Counsellor
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General Manager
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Funding Consultant
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Wings Renier


Funding Consultant
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